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Re: >Um, Leifr, is there something about y+Postage Due+Re: L

     Miriam enlighten us about the powers of Steirbach waters:
Nope! Women contract it, but men can be the carriers. Ask Master Alan 
sometime about what happened when he was seneshal. (and he thought they 
were safe!!)
     To Miriam, from Ianthe,
     I am now Seriously Concerned.  Don Fernando is now mundanely employed 
     Chantilly.  To top it off, we gave away all of Alexandra's baby 
     last week.  Are my plans to return to fighting likely to be <ahem> 
     out by Steirbach intervention?
     -Ianthe                                     kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
     (Who is finally getting back in shape
     after Blessing #1).