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re: superpowers

I too have marvelous superpowers:

1) The ability to get tricked into Baronial office-usually by the inability 
to say no      right away.  : )  So far it has been MOL, chatelaine, herald, 
and now aaaaargh!!     deputy seneschal!  (Not all at the same time.)

2) The uncanny ability to get my foot stuck in my mouth all the way up to my 
     kneecaps.  Amaze your friends-astound your enemies!

3) I can kill plants just by being in their presence.  My lawn is brown year 

4) No one else can break as many arrows as I can at archery practice.  It's  
   gotten so that I can get a bullseye and split one in half (unfortunately 
not with     another arrow.)  Thank goodness I can make my own or I'd have 
to get a second job! <g>

Iseulte of the Red Cliffs
Barony of Tir-y-don

  Not from the stars do I my judgement pluck, and yet methinks I have  
                                               Sonnet # 14