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Vivat Corun! Vivat Brenna!

Gentle cousins,

	Oh, what a wonderful time was had yesterday, when our own Corun became 
Baron of Storvik, along with the lovely Brenna!  It was a friendly, loving, 
emotional and often quite funny event!  Lots of happy/sad tears shed, some 
good fighting both heavy and rapier; great feast, great company!

	And the Merry Rose banner is a hoot .... :-)

	I got to meet Liefr, who is a perfect gentleman and an absolute dear, 
and just missed paying my respects to the lovely Ianthe (we were probably both 
out watching the fighting at the same time, milady, and never even knew .... 
wah!) and apparently missed meeting Karen, but did get introduced to Kenwrec 
by milady Baroness Teleri of Ponte Alto, long may she and his lordship rule & 
prosper .... and Corun was re-e-e-e-e-eally busy so I thought it might not be 
the time to walk up to him and expect him to recall every name on the Atlantia 
list .... or every face from the dim shadows at the Merry Rose .... :-)  And 
Lady Anne of Carthew, to the sound of great ringing cheers, was inducted into 
the ranks of the Companions of the Pearl .... as were other fine gentles.  And 
lots of other wonderful things happened--the pickup band was marvellous, and--
and--well, it was a fun time.

	Sorry I've been away so long -- trade shows, software revisions, office 
moves and all that have made me crazy! (what--as if I were sane before?)  So 
if anyone has written to me privately, thank you, and I promise I'll write 
back soon! 

	Looking forward to partying under the smiling Merry Rose at some future