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Bardics and Badges

Greetings to the Merry Rosers (and the frolickers out on Cheapside)
from Evan da Collaureo, co-conspirator.

Lady Karen - There has been a Bardic Circle Site out on the border between
Ponte Alto and Stierbach (mundanely Sterling, VA) for some time. I am
willing to provide rides to people who wish to go out there. The date
has been the 4th Friday of each month, but is subject to change soon if
Elen (our hostess) picks something else (as she has warned me she might).

And, since I'm the herald who told Leifr it was legal (though not so good
as heraldry), here's the blazon for the badge unveiled at Investiture.
BTW, a rose proper has red petals separated by green sepals, and yellow
seeds in the center; "fieldless" means put it on any color field, though
the "official" banner's field is gold (a good choice in this case).

[fieldless] On the seeds of a rose barbed and seeded proper, in fess two
roundels in pale, a billet fesswise and an increscent, all sable.