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Re: Bardics and Badges

Evan writes;

> And, since I'm the herald who told Leifr it was legal (though not so good
> as heraldry), here's the blazon for the badge unveiled at Investiture.
> BTW, a rose proper has red petals separated by green sepals, and yellow
> seeds in the center; "fieldless" means put it on any color field, though
> the "official" banner's field is gold (a good choice in this case).
> [fieldless] On the seeds of a rose barbed and seeded proper, in fess two
> roundels in pale, a billet fesswise and an increscent, all sable.

And for those who don't speak Herald, this means :-). I liked it. To whoever
came up with it, semper classy.

In service,

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