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Re: Garb Search

On Mar 27,  9:58am, rsteele@istlab.com wrote:
> Subject: Garb Search
> Help---
> Does anyone have a pattern for 10-11th century Icelandic( viking
> ) garb.  so that I can abandon my tackey tunic and jeans.
> Bob Steele / Shinawassee Magnuson rsteele@istlab.com
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Kind Gentle
If you are norse then anything from ireland to persia is period garb for you.
Archaeologists have found vikings buried in persian garb, turkish garb, and
english garb.  They have even found a bronze budda in the 900's trading town of
birka.  But if this does not tickle your fancy try here.
SCA Database (Various)(has viking data under clothing)
SCA Virtual Library
The World of the Vikings

enjoy m'lord

in service

Eric Jon Campbell 
(alias) Xavier De Lion Campbell  
Virtual SCA Library