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Spring Carnival (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 21:47:28 -0500
To: owner-atlantia-l@netcom.com
Subject: Spring Carnival

Greetings to all within sound of my voice here at Cheapside, especially
those of mercantile bent!

I am organizing "merchants" for the Fair at the Roxbury event, "Spring
Carnival", on April 22.

When I say "merchants", I mean in fact that I am looking for artisans
who are interested in setting up as living history displays within the
context of the fair.  To choose an example who has already committed
positively, Duke Baudoin will be bringing his woodworking stuff, a
small pavilion, tools, wood, and will be set up as a woodworker.  He
will be doing his art, answering questions, and enhancing the atmosphere
of the fair.

Anyone who has invested time and effort into an art (although especially
a practical "trade" art) can do this!  Get fame, fortune, adulation of
your peers, and my eternal gratitude!  What I'm looking for is the
	Armorers, Smiths (Miriam, I'd like to convince Broc to come, but
	I seem to have lost your number), Woodworkers, Illuminators,
	Lockmakers (Torveld?), Leatherworkers, Weavers, Tailors, and
	so on ad infinitum.  Almost anything.  (Henry, can you ask
	Nicole if she'd come sell her stuff and do lace?)

Real merchants are also very welcome and encouraged, but they should
contact the Autocrat, Tadhg uiChonchobhair, rather than me: his
email is:
	chuck_graves_at_65-WASHNISC-US-MMC@mail.hg.faa.gov  (really!)

The requirements are this: please contact me.  If you need anything
in the way of props (a pavilion/sunshade, furniture, a sign, or
whatever), tell me and I'll see what I can do, but if possible please
organize as many of your own props as possible.  Finished projects,
work in progress, materials, tools--all are fine.

The fair is outdoors--bring a pavilion if you have it, and be
aware that gold leaf work, for example, is impossible in a light

I'm asking all the artisans to be "doing" from 2:00 to 5:00, which
is when the fair takedown will vaguely begin (feast is at 6:00).
You may certainly man your booth/tools/whatever earlier than that,
but I'm asking for that period as a minimum commitment.  More is
great--set up will happen early, and we hope to have the fair
going in moderation by 11:00 or so (when the armoured combat,
rapier combat, and archery start), but from 2:00 to 5:00 is the
height of fair activity, after the armoured combat/archery/rapier
are over (although a "school of the sword" as part of the
fair will be going on starting at 2:30).

You do not need to be a laurel or pearl to do this stuff--I've seen
lots of very fine work at Pointless War, for example--chainmail,
woodwork, illuminators, bookbinding (Annejke's stuff was phenom),
and other great displays.  Bring your work!  Show it off!  Discuss
it with other likeminded people, in a fun, non-confrontational
atmosphere.  Plus, of course, help me out :^)

On other notes, the Fair is looking for other fair-type people.
Corun, is there any chance that you could find people interested
in some sort of mumming?  Pithy, bawdy plays appropriate for an
outdoor venue, between Cambok and the Palio?  Street performers
would be great--musicians, jugglers, stilt-walkers (I might have
Henry's stilts fixed by then :^), beggars, and the like.  Anyone
who has an idea or is interested should get in touch with me at
this email address or (301) 598-7424, or contact the Autocrat,
Tadhg at the email address given above or (301) 942-9551.

Thank you for your time,

Dafydd ap Gwystl