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Re: A tale and other trivia

Yaakov writes;

> Also hearty vivats to Corun and Brenna, Baron and Baroness of Storvik ("not
> Baron Storvik" he noted pedanticly.  "That title in the SCA goes strictly to
> a founding Baron or Baroness. Everyone else is Baron or Baroness of ....")  I
> missed 90% of the event because I had to work.  *sigh*  And it was on a
> Sunday!

I thank you for that important bit of pedancy. I was not aware that this
was the case regarding calling oneself Baron Suchansusch as opposed to
Baron *of* Suchansuch. My apologies to anyone who might have been offended
by my mistake, especially Duchess Ysabeau, formerly Baroness Storvik (or
would she still be Baroness Storvik even though she no longer sits the
throne of Storvik? Hmmmm, titles, precedence, it sometimes makes my head

I am glad that you got to attend even a small part, and you story was
wonderful. Such competition of storytellers we could have between you
and Igor (sounds like a future event theme to me).

In service,
Corun MacAnndra, Baron of Storvik

   Corun MacAnndra   |  You are a fluke of the universe. You have no right
 Dark Horde by birth |  to be here, and whether you can hear it or not, the
   Moritu by choice  |  Universe is laughing behind your back. -- Deteriorata