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Re[2]: News & Gladsome Tidings from that College chapter in

>> Karen Larsdatter med det Usigelige Efternavn fra Skyggedal wrote:
>> Yup!  According to my notes, the demo will cover food on the 18th, 
>>crafts on the 19th, drama on the 20th, food AND musci on the 21st, and a 
>Umm, you meant "muscae"? The Latin for "fly" is feminine 
>(First Declension), after all, so the nominative plural 
>(flies) would be not "musci", but "muscae". ;=)
>Michael Fenwick of Fotheringhay, O.L. (Mike Andrews)  Namron, Ansteorra

Where's Drx??!! I'm shocked that an _Ansteorran_ had to clear up Karen's Latin 
instead of him! Everyone knows they talk funny in Ansteorra -- and they have BIG
flies there, so he would know his Latin on such subjects!! :)

who remains innocent of such a strange language as Latin, but who enjoys the 
stories and songs at the Merry Rose!
"Just this Chick from Atlantia via the East, now living in Calontir."
Come to Lilies War!!!