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Re: News & Gladsome Tidings from that College chapter in Pont e Alto

Once upon a time, I wrote:

> on the 19th, drama on the 20th, food AND musci on the 21st, and a whole

to which Master Michael asked:

>Umm, you meant "muscae"? The Latin for "fly" is feminine
>(First Declension), after all, so the nominative plural
>(flies) would be not "musci", but "muscae". ;=)

You will have to forgive me, my lord; I was trying to type "mousquet," 
but I do not speak French so well ... not so much flies, but large 
firearms, or for those of earlier times, crossbow arrows ... but I see 
that such matters would be better presented on Saturday.  ;)

Wondering why it is that I have so much trouble spelling in English but 
having no problem at all spelling my own name,

Karen Larsdatter med det Usigelige Efternavn fra Skyggedal