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Re: A Ghost Story

     To Luther of Stierbach, greetings from Ianthe,
     Thank you for your cautionary tale of roadside shoes and hungry 
     shadows.  Your story brings to mind an occurrence from many years 
     Aeons past, I and members of my household were on our way home to 
     Carolingia after a Pennsic.  As we travelled back east on the 
     King's Highway that bisects the Debatable Lands, by the side of the 
     road we saw a familiar looking metal and leather object.  It was 
     someone's leg armor - and for the time was quite an elaborate 
     piece, too.  
     We passed by too quickly to stop and walk back, but we circled back 
     around at the next opportunity.  We figured that we'd pick up the 
     lost harness and try to return it to its owner (such a tragedy 
     among our Eastern fighting bretheren would eventually reach our 
     When we got back to that spot, nothing was there.  Not a strap, not 
     a knee cop, not a rivet, not a buckle... 
     After your illuminating tale, I can only conjecture that some 
     unfortuate had donned armor to fight the Shadows, then fallen to 
     his enemy.  We had interrupted the creature at its feed, then by 
     the time we came back were too late to save even the humblest of 
     -Ianthe                            kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
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