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Lost & Found

Unto ye of the Merry Rose, greetings!

Terribly sorry for those of you who came to fight practice wanting to 
dance -- I did bring my Greatest Hits of Caidan Dance tape with assorted 
instructions, but I foolishly chose to learn fencing instead ;)

Here's the listing of what I brought back to my dorm that was not claimed 
at the end of the evening:

Two unmarked whifflebats.  Master Malcolm, I suspect they may be yours, 
but am not sure ...

One whifflebat, marked with black electric tape along the blade edges.

One short whifflebat, marked with black electric tape at the base of the 

If any of the above sounds like one of your items (or like something 
you've been hearing people complain about the fact that they lost at 
fight practice) fear not, for I have rescued 'em ;) ... I'll bring them 
to fight practice again next week.

And maybe next week I'll teach some of the Really Nifty Caidan Dances -- 
anyone around here do Rufty Tufty?  :)

Yours in Service to the Dream,

Karen Larsdatter med det Usigelige Efternavn fra Skyggedal
Seneschale of the (not-yet-even-Incipient, thank you) College of St. Stephen
      (PS:  Yes, folks, that's the name!  Formal Announcement Of Intention
       To Exist Coming Soon ... St. Stephen won the election for chapter
       name unanimously -- he is, after all, the patron saint of masons) :)