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Dance (was: Lost & Found)

Quoth Karen Larsdatter: 

> Terribly sorry for those of you who came to fight practice wanting to 
> dance -- I did bring my Greatest Hits of Caidan Dance tape with assorted 
> instructions, but I foolishly chose to learn fencing instead ;)

   For shame!  You'll have to get your priorities straight!   :-)
> <snip...>

> And maybe next week I'll teach some of the Really Nifty Caidan Dances -- 
> anyone around here do Rufty Tufty?  :)
   Well that depends.  Is that the Orthodox Rufty Tufty (as danced in,
for example, Caer Mear), the Isenfir Heresy, or do you have yet another
version?  One of our favorites in any case.  <Sigh>  If only I lived
just a _little_ closer...  

--Landi the Dancing Viking  :-)