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Re: Dance (was: Lost & Found)

Greetings again unto ye of the Merry Rose!

I had asked:

> anyone around here do Rufty Tufty?  :)

To which Landi asked:

>   Well that depends.  Is that the Orthodox Rufty Tufty (as danced in,
>for example, Caer Mear), the Isenfir Heresy, or do you have yet another
>version?  One of our favorites in any case.  <Sigh>  If only I lived
>just a _little_ closer...

Umm ... I don't know ... it's the Caidan traditional Rufty Tufty.  Caidan 
dancing is different ... we have a lovely dance called "Goddesses" which 
seems to be similar to the Atlantian "Toss the Duchess"; the "Califian 
Bransle" differs by three step patterns from "Horse's Bransle"; and I've 
forgotten the name of the Atlantian pavane which closely resembles the 
"Caidan Measure".

I have or know instructions for the following (Caidan?) dances (those I 
also have music for are marked with asterisks):

*Gathering Peascods
*If All the World Were Paper
Sellinger's Round
*Rufty Tufty
*Fine Companion
Mage on a Cree
*Picking Up Sticks
St. Martin
*Caidan Measure
*Hole in the Wall (with Caidan variation)
Calafian Bransle

I have music but not instructions for the following dances:

Hyde Park
Scotch Cap
Epping Forest
Road to Lisdoonvarna
Juice of Barley
Cuckolds All in a Row
Mannschaft Pavanne
Black Almaih

I believe I will be bringing the Bard-in-the-Box to practice next week, 
in case there are those in a dancing mood ... and perhaps Lady Meli will 
be encouraged by the prospect of dancing to attend and bring the Tudor 
Rose pattern so that we can start working on favors (hint! hint!) ... or 
maybe I'll just learn more fencing.  ;)

Yours in Service to Them Dancing Feet,

Karen Larsdatter med det Usigelige Efternavn fra Skyggedal