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Re: Dance (was: Lost & Found)

Karen Larsdatter etc. etc. etc. of Ulm (sorry, it had to be done) wrote:

> I have or know instructions for the following (Caidan?) dances (those I 
> also have music for are marked with asterisks):
> *Gathering Peascods
> *Goddesses
> *If All the World Were Paper
> Sellinger's Round
> *Rufty Tufty
> *Fine Companion
> Mage on a Cree
> *Picking Up Sticks
> St. Martin
> Whirligig
> *Caidan Measure
> *Hole in the Wall (with Caidan variation)
> Calafian Bransle
> I have music but not instructions for the following dances:
> Hyde Park
> Scotch Cap
> Epping Forest
> Road to Lisdoonvarna
> Juice of Barley
> Cuckolds All in a Row
> Mannschaft Pavanne
> Childgrove
> Black Almaih

Most of these are fairly popular English Country dances, and there is a 
large ECD Community in and around the area. The FSGW (Folklore SOciety
of Greater Washington) the CDSS (Country Dance and Song Society) and
the BFMS (Baltimore Folk Music Society) all hold various dance practices
and balls. Wednesday nights you can attend the FSGW sponsored dance practice
in Takoma Park at the Church of the Ascension on Silver Spring Street (well,
the address is really Sligo Ave, but the parking is on the block behind
the church on Silver Spg Street). This starts around 8pm and lasts until
10:30. Live music is provided by various local musicians.

I have one book of ECD music and instruction, and will look through it to
see if it contains any of the aformentioned dances. Or, you could ask Baron
Niall or Lady Winifred in Ponte Alto. I know they would be most happy to 
help out on dance instruction. Especially Niall.

In service,

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