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Re: Next post of Address List

Lady Elenore Spyrling wrote:

> Greetings!
> Thought I'd try a different method, here, and ask that if any
> of you who are subscribed to the Merry Rose, did so within the
> past two or three months, send me your info! I compile an
> address list of Atlantians with email accounts. The info I need
> is:


Do you just want Atlantians?  I've noticed that we have a fair
number of non-Atlantians on the list too.  (That's a good thing.)
Just curious.

Lord Kendrick Wayfarer
Storvik, Atlantia
 Tanner Lovelace | lovelace@netcom.com    |  D /       C /  Fence
 Arlington       | lovelace@capaccess.org | ()~    --+-\\   Fence
 Virginia        | lovelace@cuc.edu       | / >        | \  Fence
         Per chevron argent and azure, a wolf passant 
         sable between two compass roses conterchanged.