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Next post of Address List

Thought I'd try a different method, here, and ask that if any
of you who are subscribed to the Merry Rose, did so within the
past two or three months, send me your info! I compile an
address list of Atlantians with email accounts. The info I need
mundane name
Scadian name
mundane address (optional)
Scadian location (either shire name, or both canton and barony
mundane phone #, either or both home and phone (optional)
email address (proper form, please, no abbreviations)

I'm getting ready to send out the recent update, but thought
I'd try to get as many new listings on first as I could.
Please send to my email address:


Lady Elenore Spyrling (sounds nifty, eh?)
Shire of Drachentor
(mka Elizabeth Urbanik, Chatham, VA)