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Re: Re[4]: That pesky favor thread!

Excerpts from mail: 6-Apr-95 Re: Re[4]: That pesky favor.. by Charlene
S- Noto@cyberne 
> At 01:58 PM 4/6/95 -0400, UBoru@aol.com wrote:
> >At the behest of others I hereby make my submission to be placed upon the
> >favor, mug or T-shirt for the Merry Rose. Brace yourselves as this is truly
> >silly.
> >
> >"Dew drop in at the Merry Rose" :)
> >
> >Brigantia
> >

    How 'bout --

    "The Merry Rose sails the foam..."  with a ship afloat atop
     a foaming beer mug (or the top half of one, anyway...) ?

       -- or --

    "May all your smiles be sideways at the Merry Rose..."
     with a drunk lying on his side, smiling a :-) smile...

     My best -- Beertram (who'd prefer some good sweet cider)