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Child's Grove

Unto the Merry Rose does Duncan MacKinnon send greetings and felicitations!

Karen of the Multitudinous Names listed dances for which she had music, but
no instructions, including Child's Grove. As a novice dance instructor, I
offer the instructions below. If anyone has any additions, revisions, or
critiques, please let me know. Black Diamond, being somewhat isolated, tends
to inadvertantly develop odd mutations in our dances. This can be fun (i.e.
"Black Diamond Nag"), but wreaks havoc when our members dance with other groups.

Child's Grove is a popular dance down here, imported to us from the West by
Duchess Lorna of Leeds. I am uncertain of the pedigree of the dance, but
from what I am told, I would guess that it is an SCA construction. The dance
is similar to Hole in the Wall in that the couples count off as ones or
twos, only here couple 1 progesses to the foot of the hall, and couple 2
progresses to the foot of the hall.

The dancers begin in lines "for as many as will," lined up and numbered like so:
W M  (1)
M W  (2)
W M  (1)
M W  (2)