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Re: three-month-olds

All the talk about 3month olds and Pensic reminds me of one of my favorite 
"small known world" stories.

	Legend has it that a young lady returned from war about 10 yrs ago, 
only to discover once she returned to Chicago that she had contracted a 
sexually transmitted disease. (One of the easily cured types). Her doctor 
asked her for the names of her contacts, and she named her primary suspect 
as a gentle she met at war, who she only knew as Vlad (name changed to 
protect...). He dutifully recorded this information and then sent it on to 
the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta where they trace and catalog such 
	Well, the clerk typist at CDC happened to be a Scadian, and 
recognized the name as a friend from Caid. He immediately called Vlad and 
warned him to get checked out.

	From Pensic, to the Midrealm, to Miridies to Caid... you are only 2 
steps away from anyone in the SCA.

				Anybody else have a Small Known World