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Greetings from Sylvan Glen

Greetings unto Atlantia from Istvan Dragosani, Hospitaller, The Incipient
Shire of Sylvan Glen, Principality of AEthelmearc, in the Laurel Kingdom
of the East! 

I've just signed onto the Atlantia mailing list, and would just like to
introduce myself to all the other gentles and ladies in the Cyber Aethyrs.

Istvan Dragosani is a 15th Century Walachian, from the town which bears
his family's namesake.  A scholar and mystic who studied in Constantinople
and the Holy Land, he fled to the Languedoc after Constantinople fell to
the Ottoman Turks in 1453, where he took up study with a Cistercian monk,
preserving the memories of the Cathars and the Kabbalists.

Brett McCoy is a System Administrater who lives in Martinsburg, WV, but
travels into the Kingdom of Atlantis to administrate to his system.  He
also enjoys playing guitar, programming computers, studying math and
physics, the Knights Templar and medieval Scotland and Romania.

My little shire is having our second official event on April 29, The St.
Dorothea's Massacre and Masque.  Please come by and visit, and support our
efforts to get out of incipiency!  If you need more information on
directions, location, etc., please email me and I will gladly forward the

Istvan Dragosani                     | "Go not to the Elves for counsel,
bmccoy@capaccess.org                 |  for they will say both yes and no"
Minstrel, Mage, Sage, Wooer of Women |      -- JRR Tolkien
and General Friend of all Nature...  |