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Re: Greetings from Sylvan Glen

Greetings to the denizens of the Merry Rose, and especially to Istvan 
Dragosani from Rodrigo Ramirez de Valencia!

Just a point of curiousity here -- I know that most Hungarian names are 
usually reversed, in your case the locative and then proper name (such as 
Dragosani Istvan, or the hero Hunyadi Janos).  Unfortunately, most of my 
research on Hungary is centered around Buda and Pest, as well as 
Transylvania -- I know very little about Walachian customs.  Are naming 
customs there different from other parts of Hungary?  Or have you adopted 
the western form of naming after studying with the Holy Brothers?


  who writes from a little further west than Sylvan Glen and won't be 
able to help support it in it's incipiency, as I'm in Madrone in An Tir.