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Re: University Review

    Lady Deoca of Elvegast reports on the University, and singles out
    Henry for high praise:

     ...I did get to
     witness most of Lord Henry's convocation, which was most entertaining.
     I also had the joy of witnessing Lord Henry's ankles and I must say
     that Countess Ianthe's assessment was most apt. Henry, you have
     remarkable ankles. I highly recommend them for viewing to all ladies
     of the realm.

    I reply:

    While I am pleased to hear that Chancellor Henry's ankles have not
    suffered diminishment in appeal over the four months since I saw
    them, I am a bit dismayed to know that they have become a major
    distraction at University.

    It's difficult enough for students to learn, what with the high
    cost of lodging, the dearness of books, parchement and ink, and
    the lure of gambling and friendly taverns - not the least of
    which is the 'Rose.  Now I find that an idle comment has turned a
    venerated scholar into a instrument that quickens the pulse of
    half the population.

    Sadly, I have only myself to blame.  I offer my deepest apologies
    to Henry, and beg all ladies in his presence NOT to look at his
    ankles.  Stare fixedly into his eyes, follow his
    fingertips as they wave in the air when he speaks; watch
    his hat, contemplate his medallions of office, but avoid looking
    everything from the point of his shoes to his gartered knees.
    Especially his ankles.

    -Ianthe                             kim.salazar@em.doe.gov