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Re: BoD Meeting 8 April, One person's notes (fwd)

Good Lord Kendrick the Innkeeper wonders:

> >From the BoD meeting unofficial minutes:
> >       A few counties in Western Virginia where switched from Atlantia to
> >   Meridies. Both kingdoms approved and was requested by the majority of
> >   people living there.
> Hey, wait a sec?  Which counties?  Where did this come from?
> Enquiring minds want to know?

I posted the whole BoD meeting description in a second post, so we could 
appreciate all the various issues.
> Kendrick
> P.S. Does this mean that Atlantia can grab Sylvan Glen now?

Nope.  Note the meeting of the BoD seems to suggest that the populace of 
the area requested the change, and both kingdoms agreed to it.  Now, as I 
understand it, Sylvan Glen does want to make the change, and one would 
assume that Atlantia would accept them, so all we need is the approval of 
the Atlantian born King of the East ;-) (wink, wink).


And we still don't know which counties.  Lord Rhys, do you know?