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Re[2]: BoD Meeting 8 April, One person's notes (fwd)

Greetings, all.

>> P.S. Does this mean that Atlantia can grab Sylvan Glen now?
>Nope.  Note the meeting of the BoD seems to suggest that the populace of 
>the area requested the change, and both kingdoms agreed to it.  Now, as I 
>understand it, Sylvan Glen does want to make the change, and one would 
>assume that Atlantia would accept them, so all we need is the approval of 
>the Atlantian born King of the East ;-) (wink, wink).
Before you start nominating Sylvan Glen for secession, you should make sure they
want that change. It is probably not universal--and the politics have to be 
completely ironed out on their side with their people. Timothy will probably be 
two years off the throne before any transition is thinkable--and THEY have to do
the thinking.