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Fair Sylvan Glen, what would they do

Tadhg replies to me:
> >Remember, we're not taking Sylvan Glen away from the East, we're saving 
> >them from being AEthelmearcian.
> >From my dealings to date, I doubt "save" is an appropriate word. I can 
> see saving them from the East--I can't really see saving them from 
> AEthelmearc.
I must confess that I have not talked with any gentle from Sylvan Glen, 
but only their friends in Highland Foorde.  However, trusting as I do in 
a Master's words, I believe that the populace of Sylvan Glen are loyal 
Easterns, who would be happy to remain in that Kingdom, but are not well 
disposed to be AEthelmearcian, which closest groups are hours more away then 
Highland Foorde and the East.

I have no desire to offend AEthelmearc, as it is a fine and noble 
principality well deserving elevation.  But once it goes kingdom, Sylvan 
Glen will be cut off from the East, and hours away from the nearist 
AEthelmearc group.  So obviously, Sylvan Glen would be well served to 
seek the embrace of fair Atlantia.

And yes, Tadhg, I know perfectly well that Sylvan Glen must be the source 
and driving force for this idea.  However, as we have seen with western 
Virginia, our ignorance of their mechinations does not mean they are not 
already occuring, and a timetable of two years may already have started.

So in hope of greeting them as brothers soon I do extend my greetings to 
my fair cousins of Sylvan Glen, and hope to met them personally on the 29th.

In Service
Leifr Johansson