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To fly from cares and chores

Fair Lady Susanna has remarked:
> 	Wouldst claim them both together?
> 		Wouldst temper thus the sweet
> 	and merry view we have of you
> 		and melt it in the heat?
> 	O, eagle, fly unfettered!
> 		Deny the irons' claim!
> 	Draw that which office offers you
> 		and sign your honored name,
> 	then place the pen upon the table,
> 	leave the paint to dry and set, 
> 	and wander midst the sunlight idle
> 	bright companions, newly met
> 	The flowers of the Cheapside,
> 		in blossomed, shared joy, drenched,
> 	That when the hours draw to the dusk
> 		you find your fire quenched.
	The claims that I'm not making
		of any ladies plied
	Or hammered plans and policies
		that scorch marks on my hid
	I can not leave my irons
		to melt within the fire
	Or fly while ink and paint dry
		to seek out my desire
	Thus does my office drive me
		to serve fair Stierbach land
	Not woo the bright companions
		to kiss a fair soft hand
	Fair are the flowers of Cheapside
		found at the Merry Rose
	I'll greet at dusk, chores set by
		and as the darkness grows