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*walxo-z, University, Nuts & So On ....

To the fair Countess Ianthe, and the Great and Good Duke Gyrth, greetings!

And greetings as well to the denizens of Ye Merry Rose!

Milady Countess did write:
>     To His Grace, Duke Gyrth from Ianthe, fair greetings. 
>     I am now confused.  Since last November, people have been trying 
>     to convince me that "those nuts from elsewhere" were 
>     former Carolingians. 
>     While I can understand both your arguments and the others presented, 
>     I cannot reconcile them - especially when preparing baklava.  
>     The conversions on how many Carolingians to use per pan are 
>     especially troublesome.  (To bypass this problem, I've turned to 
>     using filberts or pistachios.) 
>     -Ianthe                             kim.salazar@em.doe.gov   

	As a Welshwoman from Carolingia, with tendencies to be a little bit 
nutty from time to time, as well as liking baklava, I cannot help but giggle a 
little bit hysterically at this interchange .... I definately fall into the 
pistachio category, though as far as I know I don't turn peoples' fingers red.

	I was also at University this weekend, and finally got to meet Corun, 
who greeted me with those historic words: "Ah! the static is clearing!"  And 
_his_ ankles ain't all that bad, neither .... :-)

	And I met Lady Susannah the Lurker, who sings like a lark, and Lady 
Alianora, who has the nicest smile, and I saw Lord Henry many times, and did 
only admire his ankles during breaks when reading my parchments and ticking 
off declensions on my fingers got to be a bit too much, honest milady Ianthe, 
I didn't neglect any of my studies, please don't throw me into that briar 
patch ....

	and I heard Duke Gyrth (I think it was you, Your Grace?) hold forth on 
heraldic practice in courts, and learned of Celtic culture from Alyson of 
Islay, and of schticking it up in persona from my fellow Welshwoman, the 
delightful Lady Aislynn ferch Llewelyn .... and serving at High Table from 
milady Baroness, the gracious Teleri of Ponte Alto ....

	and I bought a Cambok t-shirt, and I sang with the Atlantia Choir, 
(many vivats to Anne of Carthew who whipped us into shape on some lovely 
music, which we sang to the delight of the Convocation ....)

	And I actually told Leifr and Evan I'd -- ulp -- volunteer to help if 
Steirbach makes A Certain Offer (tm) .... And I'm thinking of volunteering to 
teach a class myself, having been inspired this weekend ....  Yoicks!

	Must've been that good Carolingian upbringing, way back there in AS VII 
.... tends to make you volunteer and stuff .... must have a lot to do with 
examples set by fine and noble monarchs .... :-)

	So, when's the next University????  Huh?  I wanna go back ....

	cheers from that Pistachio from elsewhere,