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Re: *walxo-z, University, Nuts & So On ....

Unto Lady Meli, greetings.

> 	I was also at University this weekend, and finally got to meet Corun, 
> who greeted me with those historic words: "Ah! the static is clearing!"  And 
> _his_ ankles ain't all that bad, neither .... :-)

Milady, as I was wearing boots that day, one wonders whether your eyesight
is perhaps failing a bit, or perhaps you can readily and rightly judge a 
mans ankles by the way his boots fall. Either that, or there was a hole in
the bathroom wall that I didn't notice when I was changing clothes (maybe 
I shouldn't have stood in front of that window). ;-)

But it was a pleasure to finally meet you face to face, and hope I shall
see you at future events and Universities.

In service,

"I don't know who that executioner was, but he had great legs."

   Corun MacAnndra   | Is it a six foot polyester dinosaur the color of an
 Dark Horde by birth | International House of Pancakes with a paper plate
   Moritu by choice  | over his face? -- Y. Warner