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And fair return

Most sincere Lady Susanna, you have remarked,
> 	Of lands and ladies greeted
> 		of travel for that day
> 	You speak to us as though you had
> 		the time to spend that way
> 	In Merry conversation
> 		instead of with a pen
> 	and pigment, heralding Their changes, 
> 		bent on service then,
> 	Not stealing your own moments
> 		but teaching in the stead
> 	of honeyed words, abiding hearts--
> 		too quickly time had fled
> 	to woo as idle gentles
> 		with nothing but the sun
> 	to study, you in fact the day,
> 		and not the woman, won.
	Fair has lady praised me
		for how I spent my day
	To teach, to learn, but not
		to idle time away
	So many are Their changes
		that I wouldst draw the signs
	Arms more fair remarked on
		thus by non-heralds' minds
	But took some sun-drenched moments
		to share some Merry fun
	To hear Atlantian voices
		angelic, every one
	So many are the irons
		that I keep in the flame
	Of whether day or lady won
		'tis never fair to claim

		In fair return