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Re[2]: Return to the White Tower

     Greetings, all.
     Sorry for the confusion. I was out of town last week...and apparently 
     so was my e-mail.
     I sent out the reminder post this morning when I got back into the 
     office...and about 2 hours later I got the bulk of last week's posts. 
     (I thought it seemed too quiet.)
     With respect to Tuesday or Wednesday, I had hoped to keep a regular 
     meeting--2nd Wednesday of the month--to prevent confusion. For myself, 
     I would like to keep that schedule...and my normal Tuesday routine 
     won't really turn me loose for lunch.
     I plan to be there on Wednesday...hope to see you as well.

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Subject: Re: Return to the White Tower
Author:  "Carol O'Leary" <Carol_O'Leary@ed.gov> at smtpgate
Date:    4/10/95 2:47 PM

          This is way too confusing.  Are we doing lunch Tuesday (per 
          Donna/Elaine's message) or Wednesday (per Chuck/Tadgh's)?  I 
          can come Tuesday, but probably not Wednesday; if I miss you, 
          sorry, and see you all next month!