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Ankles, Age, and Eyesight :-)

Greetings, good milord Corun!

> > 	I was also at University this weekend, and finally got to 
> > meet Corun, who greeted me with those historic words: "Ah! the static 
> > is clearing!"  And _his_ ankles ain't all that bad, neither .... :-) 
> Milady, as I was wearing boots that day, one wonders whether your 
> eyesight is perhaps failing a bit, or perhaps you can readily and 
> rightly judge a mans ankles by the way his boots fall. Either that, 
> or there was a hole in the bathroom wall that I didn't notice when I 
> was changing clothes (maybe I shouldn't have stood in front of that 
> window). ;-) 

<VBG> milord, we lasses raised in Carolingia way back when, when Dirt was New 
and possibly around the time of the great Birth of Stew, were never, never 
encouraged to peek through holes in walls! :-)  We couldn't, of course, be 
blamed for looking with normal human curiosity when folks insisted upon 
changing in front of windows .... such a fine invention as Glass, after all, 
ought to be put to good use .... <g>

However, though I am certainly venerable enough to have failing eyesight, 
perhaps it was nothing more than that you had removed your boots for a moment.  
Then again, mothers are said to be able to see through walls and across county 
lines to know what people are up to .... :-)

And it was very nice to finally meet you, too!

So--when's the next University?  And where?

<who squints toward the bar and asks, Could I have a brown bock beer and a 
bowl of Recently Made Stew, please?>