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I wrote a very vague posting to this list a day ago, citing "crippling
personal circumstances" as my reason for postponing UA39 to the fall.

I foolishly underestimated the response to that. Large numbers of friends
weighed my implied wish for privacy against their desire to offer help. The
desire to help seems to have won out. I am humbled by the quantity of 
unqualified offers of support, combined with questions about what, precisely,
is the matter.

No one is dying of cancer or anything like that.

My wife of six years, Mistress Nicole Sinclair mka Shelly Osborne and I
have been unhappy together for some time. Although we still love one another,
we have come to realize that we cannot give each other what we need to be

And so she is leaving me to live with her parents in Michigan.

Many of you know that, when I was laid off from work last spring, I elected
to remain unemployed and return to college with the goal of becoming a school-
teacher. I had hoped to teach Computer Science. That goal must now be pushed
back, as I must scramble to find work to put food on the table.

So, I am losing my wife, must find a job, and go through whatever move or
learning curve that job entails. More than enough to make a July UA