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Spring Carnival (Roxbury Mill)

     Greetings to all the denizens of the Merry Rose.
     There was a small typo in the April ACORN on the announcement for 
     Roxbury Mill's Spring Carnival. A tab is missing from the adult price 
     list and it has been causing some minor confusion. Below I have posted 
     the announcement for clarification. I would appreciate it if you could 
     circulate this as best you can.
     In addition, I am interested in experimenting with the practice of 
     e-mail reservations. So feel free to post me here or at my wife's 
     account (meraud@access.digex.net). I'll let you know after the event 
     if the experiment was successful.
     Break  out your spring best, a carnival has come  to  town.
     The Incipient Shire of Roxbury Mill (sponsored by The Barony
     of Lochmere) invites one and all to
                            Spring Carnival
     on  22  April  at  the  Laytonsville  VFD  in  Laytonsville,
     Maryland.   Join us for:  Palio races, merchants, workshops,
     dancing,  children's activities, fighting (armored  combat),
     more  fighting  (duello), and an obscure local  game  called
     cambok.   The  festivities will be followed by a scrumptious
     feast  prepared  by Lady Ciera Lawan and,  of  course,  more
     dancing.   The  site will open at 10 am and close  at  11pm.
     The  hall is wet but the grounds outside are not!   No  open
     flames in the hall.
                    Postmarked  by      At the door
                    15 April
     Fees           On-board  Off-board On-board  Off-board
     Adults         $    10   $    4    $    12   $    4
     Children(7-12)       5        2          6        2
     Children(6 or less) Free     Free       Free     Free
     NOTE:   Non-members will be assessed  a  $3  surcharge
     (unless the BoD changes its mind.)
     Please  note  that  these prices are for SCA  members  only;
     there   will   be   a   $3.00  surcharge  for   non-members.
     Reservations  should include SCA name, real  name,  and  SCA
     membership number, if applicable.  Any gentles with  special
     dietary  restrictions should contact Lady Ciera at (301)946-
     4644  (before  10  pm.)   Please mail  reservations  to  the
     autocrat:    Lord  Tadhg  macAedain  uiChonchobhair,   12229
     Dalewood  Dr., Wheaton, MD, 20902.  Make checks  payable  to
     "Shire  of Roxbury Mill/ SCA, Inc.".  Merchants are welcome,
     please  reserve space with the autocrat.  If  you  have  any
     questions  or  if  you  need crash space,  please  call  the
     autocrat at (301)942-9551 (before 10 pm.)
     Directions from South:  Take your best route to I-95  North.
     Follow  I-95 to Washington, and follow it toward Baltimore--
     you are now of the Washington Beltway, I-495.  Continue on I-
     495 toward Silver Spring.  Take the Georgia Ave. exit toward
     Wheaton.   Follow Georgia Ave. (Rt. 97) through  and  beyond
     Wheaton to Olney (about 10 miles).  Turn left onto Rt.  108.
     Follow   Rt.  108  about  5  miles  to  Laytonsville.    The
     Laytonsville  VFD  is on the left.  Directions  from  North:
     Take  your  best  route  to I-70 North (leaving  Baltimore.)
     Follow  I-70 to Mount Airy.  Take Rt. 27 South to  Damascus.
     Take  a  left onto Rt. 108.  Follow Rt. 108 to Laytonsville.
     The Laytonsville VFD is on the right.
     chuck_graves@mail.hq.faa.gov       (work)
     meraud@access.digex.net            (home)