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Chartres Cathedral CD-ROM

Greetings, all!

I just got the following piece of information from one of the professional
lists I read, and it looked like something the folk of the Merry Rose might
be interested in as well.  I know I'm casting envious eyes on those with CD-ROM

(who will be very glad when the semester is over and she gets that silly
master's degree)
===============================begin forwarded message=========================

In answer to the MANY, MANY requests I have had for information on the
Chartres Cathedral CD-ROM.  I do not have any financial interest in the
company, but they owe me, if every buys one.  It is entitles: _Chartres
Cathedral. A Royal Geographical Society Electronic Guide.  Published by
InterOptica Ltd, 1213 Shui On Centre 6 Harbour Road Hong Kong, Tel (852)
824-2868; Fax (851) 824-2508; or: 300 Montgomery Street Suite 201 San
Francisco CA 94104, Tel (415) 788-8788, Fax (415) 788-8886.  It runs on both
Macintosh and under Windows.  Info for windows:

IBM PC or compatible with 80386 or higher, 4 MB RAM, SVGA, sound board,
CD-ROM drive with a minimum data transfer rate of 150KB/sec., speakers, hard
disk with at least 1.7MB of free space, mouse, Microsoft Windows 3.1 and DOS
5.0 or later.  QuickTime for Windows included on the disc.

I have no idea how much it costs; I scrounge around through the things on
CD-ROMs in Computer Shopper, etc.  I paid $15, but, then, you know how cheap
I am.
Jim Marchand.