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may acorn, g&pd 6

greetings to the merry rose from melys!

i'm just wildly curious whether anyone has noticed that the latest 
Official Rant regarding how-broadly-we-can-overinterpret-g&pd 6 occurs in 
the very same acorn featuring - wait for it - a *christian saint* on the 
cover?  someone either has an incredibly subtle sense of humor, or wasn't 
paying too much attention.  i'd wager on the latter.

(warning: the rest of this email is likely to be politically incorrect,
highly inflammatory, and not go over real well.  i am trying *really hard*
not to be rude here; my intention is to state my case, not attack the
opinions of others.  but i am wavering between amazed and appalled, and 
so far appalled is winning.)

speaking of which (and maybe i'm just biased after skipping past
interminable articles regarding the sca and culthood on the rialto - the
6-month cycle has begun again... *sigh), can we have a reality check,
please?  i read through the list of "thou shalt not xxx at demos" with
growing incredulity.  i'm sorry, but i refuse to cavil to the so-called
'moral majority' as seems to be the trend.  granted, there exist in the
world ignorant and intolerant people who are sufficiently undereducated as
to not comprehend that medieval has nothing more in common with evil than
a coincidental homophony.  however, in my not-one-bit-humble opinion that
fact does *not* place me under obligation to restrict my speech and
activities so as to cater to their prejudices. 

i see this as one more reflection of an alarming tendency in this country 
as a whole to dance around on tiptoes, making obsequious attempts to 
appease the whining and raving of right-wing religious fanatics.  i 
refuse to participate in it in my mundane life, and i will be damned if 
i'll allow it to taint my enjoyment of the sca.

we *are* a society unto ourselves.  we *do* recreate medieval culture.  
long black cloaks are ubiquitous for a reason, folks; if i wear a long 
*white* cloak, are you going to ride me out of town on a rail for my 
*superficial resemblance* to the kkk?  

i am in complete agreement with the g&pd 6 as written.  it makes perfect
sense, and for once the board seems to have accomplished the impossible
and dealt with a problem without panicking and dropping tactical nukes. 
but i am *deeply* disappointed in what appears to be official sanction of
suppression of fundamental parts of our sca tradition for such a pointless

we are not a cult, folks.  anyone with half a brain can see that.  the 
fact that so many people do not even aspire to that level of cerebration 
quite frankly isn't our responsibility and shouldn't be our problem.  i 
grew up among people like that, i went to school with them, and i'm tired 
of being told to alter my lifestyle for no better reason than to satisfy 
the prurience and intolerance of the lowest common denominator. it's just 
disgusting, and i refuse to submit.

"this is the soul of all that i am.
 i walk my way with pride among men.
 i bend not.  i bow not.

					in dismay and anger,


ps.  master thomas - this is not in any way intended as a personal attack
against you.  i understand that it is your responsibility as seneschal to
take what measures you can to protect atlantia from possible problems in
the future.  i just happen to disagree with those measures, and, more
importantly, to *despise* the fact that we operate in an environment in 
which you feel they're necessary.  

angharad melys, guard d'argent
sacred stone / windmaster's hill, atlantia