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Pennsic Merchanting information

>X-POP3-Rcpt: etsmith@robbie
>Return-Path: ac508@DAYTON.WRIGHT.EDU
>Date: Mon, 17 Apr 1995 20:12:21 -0400
>From: Beverly Roden <ac508@DAYTON.WRIGHT.EDU>
>Subject: Pennsic Merchanting information
>To: etsmith@scsn.net
>Master Thomas - I will be brief - the enclosed message says it all.  I
>would appreciate it if you would forward the enclosed message to the
>Atlantian mailing list, and to anyone whom you feel it would benefit.
>(privately, rufus and raya were the merchant autocrats last year, and had
>a death in the family this winter)
>                Thank you - Mistress Alexis MacAlister
>The following information in being submitted for Dave Cooper by the Pennsic 24
>Autocrats.  Permission is granted to reproduce as widely as possible.
>Due to unfortunate family circumstances, Rufus and Raya will not be the
>merchant liasons for Pennsic 24.  All requests for merchant booth information
>for Pennsic 24 should be mailed to:
>                Cindy Cooper-Tracy
>                111 Curie Road
>                Slippery Rock, PA  16057
>                (412)368-8906
>All telephone calls pertaining to merchant information should be placed to the
>above number.  The business hours for contacting Cindy are 9am to 9pm EST.
>There is an answering machine dedicated to this phone line.  It will be
>connected and on at all times.
>Today, Monday, April 17th, 1995, merchant packets were mailed to all Pennsic
>23 merchants of record.  In addition, anyone who had sent requests to Rufus
>and Raya should be receiving merchanting information.
>The basic merchant lay-out will be the same - no major changes are
>anticipated at this time.  Merchants for Pennsic 24 who request the same
>booth space they occupied at Pennsic 23 are very likely to receive their
>request.  All new merchants will be placed on a waiting list and will
>be inserted as space becomes available.
>DEADLINES:  On May 5th, 1995, the Coopers will begin allocating merchant
>booth spaces.  May 17th, 1995 is the final deadline for both merchant
>space and advertising.
>Again - please distribute as widely as possible.
>The Pennsic 24 Autocrats, and the Coopers