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Re: May Acorn, g&pd 6

Unto m'lady Ayo Folashade Oshun, m'lady Deoca and the Merry Rose, greetings!

I apologize to any who found my previous post offensive.  I, of course, did
not mean to imply the the lady Deoca was not intelligent.  On the contrary,
the fact that she was willing to wait for her Acorn to make response is
testament to that intelligence.  

I merely recognized the potential for sudden, hostile and inflammatory
responses to Lady Melys' comments, without the commenters waiting for
sufficient information upon which to base a response, and wished to advise
those who had not read said info, to wait until they could before a bonfire
erupted on this list.  I was unable to supply the information needed
verbatim, since I didn't have access to it at the same time I responded.

I regret that my hasty manner caused the formulation of a response implied to
be curt or condescending.  Such was not my intent and again, I apologize.