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Collegium Borealis

Greetings fair gentles of the Merry Rose.  As chief-sucker-in-charge 
(that's autocrat, you twit) I would like to announce the Collegium 
Borealis and invite all of you to submit classes to our wonderful class 
coordinator, Lady Meli (sharon@intercon.com).  A wonderful flyer follows.

			Collegium Borealis
 		     Ponte Alto and Stierbach
			   1st July, 95

The Incipient College of St. Stephen, sponsored by the Barony of Ponte Alto 
and the Shire of Stierbach, invites all of Fair Atlantia to the Collegium 
Borealis, a celebration of the teaching of arts of war and peace.

The Collegium will be held on the campus of George Mason University, in 
Fairfax, VA, at Robinson Hall, next to the Quad and near the Ponte Alto 
Wednesday night fighting practice.
Class tracks include:
	Medieval Women's Studies
 	Performing Arts
 	Armoured Fighting, both Practium and Class
 	Armouring, both partical and historical
and others to be arranged.  Also untracked classes will be offered.

Class submissions must be received by May 20th to be included in the first 
published Class Schedule.  Complete tracks with track leaders are always 
appreciated.  Class submissions received after May 20th will be added if
possible.  The class coordinator is Melusine Meleri (Meli) ferch Iasper 
(Sharon Henderson, 5521 Starboard Court, Fairfax, VA 22032-4011 
(703-425-8284 NLT 10:00 pm, sharon@intercon.com) 
Published class schedules will be mailed to anyone sending a $2.00 
donation made out to Shire of Stierbach/SCA Inc..  Donations will be 
accepted at the door.
For class schedules, send name, address and donation to the autocrat, 
Lord Leifr Johansson (Lance Harrop, 10417 Dylan Place, Manassas, VA 
22110, 703-368-9658, before 10:00 pm if you're lucky, lharrop@mrj.com)
Sorry, there will be no preregistration for classes.  Students and 
instructors will not receive credit with the University of Atlantia for 
teaching or taking classes at Collegium Borealis.

Merchanting will be allowed on site (we hope).  Please contact the 
autocrat to register merchanting space before planning on merchanting.
The site will open at 8:00 am Saturday.  Classes should start at 9:00.  
After classes we are hoping to hold Laurel and Chivalry roundtables and 
a dance revel in the Student Union Building II.  Directions will be 
provided on site.  We will likely be throwing you out before sometime 
early Sunday morning.

The Merry Rose Tavern (which is a nickname for atlantia-l, the Atlantian 
E-mail mailing list) will be open on site (physically, not virtually) and 
should have Merry Rose favors available.  Gaming, dicing, singing and 
story telling are encouraged.
Child care will be available on-site by arrangement with the child-care 
provider (we expect $5.00 a child).  Older children are welcome and 
encouraged to attend classes.

Neither lunch nor feast can be provided.  A list of eateries will be 
available at the registration table, as will directions to any open 
post-revels.  Picnic tables will be available for brown-bagging lunch.  
The site is DRY and we will be happy to assist the campus authorities in 
enforcing the ban!
Directions:  From all points, take I-95 to the Washington Beltway, I-495 
towards Fairfax (west side).  Take the Braddock Road exit west.  Go to 
George Mason University (5.5 miles, on your right) and turn right on 
Roanoke Lane (the second entrance).  Turn left on Patriot Circle and park 
in parking lot K or go further around and park in Lot B.  If you have a 
great deal to unload, follow Patriot Circle until you come to Pohick Lane, 
and turn right, into the campus.  Follow Pohick Lane to the end, Robinson 
Hall will be on your left.  Unload quickly and park back in parking lot K 
or B, as the university will enjoy towing your vehicle if you leave it 
unattended.  From lot K follow the SCA signs to the Robinson Hall, a pair 
of tall brick building on the Quad.

>From Metro:  Take the Orange Line train to Vienna.  Once at the station, 
take a CUE bus (at the north exit) (35 cents bus fee).  All CUE buses 
will take you to George Mason University.  Robinson Hall is the pair of 
tall brick buildings on the Quad.


Done by my hand this 3rd Day of May, 1995 AD.

Leifr Johansson
who really should know better.