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An Opportunity to Learn

    I thought that this might be of general interest to Atlantians
    living within commuting distance of the Smithsonian.

    The May issue of the Smithsonian Associates catalog lists the
    following lecture series.  It is open to both Smithsonian members
    and non-members, although the non-member price is higher.  I have
    attended Associates lectures and classes before and found them to
    be wonderful. I have not been to this series - the description is
    quoted from the catalog:

    The World of the Renaissance, Philip Leonard
    Tuesday July 11-Aug.15, 6:00 pm (there is also a daytime section

    The Italian Renaissance is venerated as a time of high creativity
    in the West.  Yet other great centers of artistic achievement
    co-existed at this time.  Across the Eurasian land mass, a belt of
    princely militarized states flourished, while beyond the Atlantic
    the Aztec and Inca empires thrived.

    Concentrating on the surviving artworks, this generously
    illustrated course explores the world of the 15th century.
    Participants view diverse works of genius in architecture,
    sculpture, painting, and crafts, and learn the ideas and beliefs
    that formed those distinctive societies.

    July 11 - The World of the 15th Century - an introduction to the
    societies of Eurasia and the Americas

    July 18 - Europe and the Italian Renaissance - Juan Flandes and
    the Court of Ferdinand and Isabella; Leonardo da Vinci and
    Albrecht Durer; and the construction of St. Peter's in Rome.

    July 25 - The Ottoman Empire - A Golden Age of Islam - The capture
    of Constantinople; Topkapi palace in Istanbul; and the court arts
    of calligraphy, Iznik wares, and ceremonial kaftans.

    August 1 - The Ming Empire:  The Restoration of China - The
    Imperial Palace of Beijing; the ink paintings of Shen Zhou; and
    Ming porcelains.

    August 8 - The Age of the Samurai in Japan - The Ashikaga
    shogunate; Sesshu Toyo and ink painting; and the tea ceremony.

    August 15 - Inca and Aztec:  Empires of the New World - Machu
    Picchu and Tenochtitlan; Aztec religious sculpture; and Inca
    ceremonial textiles.

    The cost for members for the whole lecture series is ?66. For
    non-members, ?90.  The phone number for the Smithsonian Campus on
    the Mall program is (202) 357-3030.  You need to fill out a
    registration form and send it in with payment.  You get back
    tickets and directions to the site of the lectures.  There is no
    provision for people to attend one session only, or to show up
    without preregistration.