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FWD>"the Funtime Hockey Clu

Mail*Link(r) SMTP               FWD>"the Funtime Hockey Club"

Aurora wields keyboard with much authority to write:

>This suggestion has much merit and shall, I'm sure, be taken under
>I would ammend it, however to read "the Funtime Cambok Club, Inc.". 'Cambok'
>in order to retain some flavor of our former non-PC pursuits. 'Inc.' in order
>to avoid the near occasion of lawsuits and other such unpleasantness, as well
>to insulate the governing bodies from the membership. (Just teasing, Your

In fact, I would hazard that use of Cambok instead of Hockey is MORE PC, not
less, as we can plainly see that the top levels of the Cambok Association
allow for participation by both men and women, whereas that is not, uh,
necessarily true for Hockey...besides, "my blood burns for cambok" seems
a little more purifying than "Fire on Ice" which conjures images of Hell,
the supernatural and demons...

I am also all for the relabeling of the consort as Coach. After all, Coach
of Grace and Beauty is a lot more doable for a guy than Queen of Grace and
Beauty. When I win the Cup, I don't want my consort, er, Coach, feeling

>'Kingdom'; team?, league?, ??) would never work. Who knows who might hear and
>misinterpret. Anybody who thinks that they are grand must be a charismatic

The same can be argued for some GMs...

Oh, and definitely Division, not kingdom.

>word, huh). I confess that I'm currently at a loss for the proper term to
>replace 'Knight'. Perhaps one of my readers has a suggestion.

Perhaps unrestricted free agents would fit that bill (if that only didn't
have the unfortunate connotation in our day in age of loose morals...)...
How about Major League players (having been called up from the Minor

I would guess then that Pelicans are the Zamboni (oh, wait -- forgot
we were doing cambok, not hockey -- hmmm...that blows my lines about
home ice, Laurels and figure skaters, too...)

Oh, I've got it...Pelicans can be goaltenders (who never get to run around
and have fun and then get blamed at the last minute) and Laurels can be the
wings (lotsa pretty work... hey, wouldn't YOU wanna be Pavel Bure if you
(hmmmm... or maybe the stats keepers --lotsa documentation work there)

And we TOTALLY have to lose that phrase "authenticity n---s" -- referees 
will do nicely there...

As for the Acorn, yeah, right outta there -- why not something simple
like the "Atlantic Division Funtime Cambok Club, Inc., Newsletter"
(at least the acronym will begin and end with the same letters).

Peers -- I dunno, makes me think of England and maybe plans to overthrow
the government for a *monarchy* or something (GEEZ). Or, yeah, a Jury
of your Peers... Maybe Contract Holders would do... or All Stars.

Oh, well, gotta go -- gotta finish the boffer fight, er... Junior League game,
with my son so I can go help out sewing some uniforms for some of our
team's rookies...
who would much rather have a story, now, plz...