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Come Visit!

Good gentles, pray attend!  (in both senses)

> Caer Mear Baronial Birthday
> June 24
> The Barony of Caer Mear cordially invites one and all to a joyful celebration
> of the founding of Our Barony.
> In honor of the day, we offer a heavy Weapons Warlord Tournament and Rapier
> combat. Lady Mavi shall oversee children's activities including a boffer
> battle complete with fighters on horseback. Lord Stephan Edain plans a
> hearty, appetizing feast. We urge all non-combatant artisans to bring
> works-in-progress to demonstrate for the edification and enjoyment of all
> attendees. The cozy site is perfect for relaxing with old friends and making
> new ones.
> The Warlord tourney is open to all, but various residents of Caer Mear will
> contest within the tourney for the position of Baronial Champion. In the
> first round, as numbers permit, local fighters will be paired with out of
> towners.
> Our Baronial Birthday takes place at the American Legion Post 186 in
> Midlothian Virginia. The  site opens at 10 AM and closes at 11 PM. The list
> table opens at 11 AM, with authorizations (sufficient marshalls permitting)
> immediately after and the list closing at Noon.
> The site is discreetly wet. No original containers and no underage drinking.
> Send advance reservations to the autocrat Lecelin of Ravesncroft (Leslie K.
> Jones) 10514 Keithwood Parkway, Richmond, VA 23236. (804) 794-8960 NLT 10 PM.
> Costs are $10 on board, $5 off board. On board reservations by June 20th,
> please. Others at the cook's discretion. Kids 12 & under half price, 5 and
> under are guests of the barony. There is a $3 surcharge for non-members.
> Please bring proof of membership! make checks payable to Barony of Caer
> Mear/SCA Inc.
> Directions
> >From the south: Take your best route to I-95 to Richmond. Take the
> Chippenham
> Parkway exit north (Route 150.) Follow the other directions below.
> >From the north: Take your best route to I-95 to Richmond. Take Exit 79 (veer
> left onto 195) cross the river through the toll, and follow the Chippenham
> Parkway south (Route 150.) Follow the other directions below.
> Next,
> Take the Midlothian Turnpike exit WEST (Route 60.) Between 8 & 9 miles (28
> stoplights later) just over the bridge, make a left onto Otterdal RD.  The
> site is 1.6 miles further, on the left.