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So, what does the Princess by Right of Arms Carry?

The wise and clever Lady Susanna Grey asks:
> Labels are usually a color to contrast everything they overlay.  In this 
> case, blue, white, and green.  Red, or a rich gold seem the best choices.
--->But red is so *ugly* on that beautiful device... gold would
be much prettier... but... shouldn't the one who won Crown, not
the consort, bear the label?  only *one* is actually the heir...
This seems an important question, if one concedes that a woman will ever 
win Crown, which I would expect.  Currently, we have arms for the Prince 
and Princess, and if a woman won Crown, they would still use the same 
arms, as the Princess-by-right-of-arms would not yet have the Sovereign 
right to bear the Kingdom's arms, and the Prince-consort would still be 
the Prince.

If, however, we go to using the labels, then the 
Princess-by-right-of-arms would be the Sovereign's heir, and not the 
Prince-consort.  So the Princess-BROA would carry the kingdom's arms with 
the label, right?  So what does the Prince-consort carry?  The Queen's 
arms with the label?  Is the Queen's arms with a label the appropriate 
symbol for the Consort's Heir.  Is in fact the Princess of Atlantia 
considered an heir of the Consort/Queen, or is she just the consort of 
the Heir of the Sovereign, and shouldn't her device indicate this?

And you thought this was simple?

In Service
Leifr Johansson
Who thinks that the new  Consort is not the heir of the reigning Consort, 
but only the Consort of the heir of the reigning Sovereign.