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Re: "the Funtime Hockey Club"

scripsit dawn, in reply to alfredo

> This suggestion has much merit and shall, I'm sure, be taken under advisement.
> I would ammend it, however to read "the Funtime Cambok Club, Inc.". 'Cambok'
> in order to retain some flavor of our former non-PC pursuits. 'Inc.' in order
> to avoid the near occasion of lawsuits and other such unpleasantness, as well as
> to insulate the governing bodies from the membership. (Just teasing, Your Grace)

um, correct me if i'm wrong... but it would seem to me that tacking 
'inc.' on the end is no kind of protection against lawsuits. ;)  now, if 
we could only find something to protect the membership from the governing 

angharad melys, guard d'argent
sacred stone / windmaster's hill, atlantia