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Re: Royal Heraldry Changes and Where You Fit In

>Unto the good and fair patrons of the Merry Rose does Lord Leifr Johansson 
>send greetings,
>In the April issue of the Acorn, Her Majesty, Queen Seonaid informed the 
>populace of her intent to consider changes to the Kingdom and Royal 
>arms.  There are four specific changes under consideration.

As the designer of the original arms of the Principality, and later the
Kingdom, of Atlantia, I find this discussion especially interesting.  I
have no objections to most of the changes offered, but I would be sad to
lose the cotises.

I had thought that the original Queen's arms did have a wreathe of roses,
to balance the wreathe of laurel.  Either my memory is faulty or it was
changed at a later time.  Likewise, I do not remember the fields originally
being reversed for male and female.

                             --Mistress Moira Maureen ua Seamus
                             (Who, some time in the dim and distant
                             past, was the first Triton.)

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