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Recorder group

(Again, my apologies to those of you on the Merry Rose who had to scroll 
through all those addresses just to get to this lousy message ... I'm 
trying to figure out how to get the university to arrange for a real, 
live mailing list, but until then ...)

Greetings, all!

Well, at fight practice this week, Jen and I played recorders once dance 
practice got slow, and I had what is known as a Thought.  (They are such 
painful things, but fortunately, they happen so rarely to me ...)  How 
'bout a recorder ensemble?

Anyone else out there play recorder?  I had a few other Fellows of the 
Fipple-Flute speak with me during the practice ... anyway, e-mail me if 
you're interested!  For now, we can hold practice during the Wednesday 
night fight practices at the GMU gym, but if we can't keep the site 
during the summer, then I might be able to offer Skyggedalhaus (off the 
Dulles Toll Road in Reston, VA) as a possible practice site ...

Yours in Service to the Dream,

Karen Larsdatter med det Usigelige Efternavn fra Skyggedal
(posting this message in her capacity as Arts and Sciences Officer for 
the ProtoIncipient College of St. Stephen, as opposed to her capacity as 
Seneschale of the same, who tells you very ecstatically that the College 
becomes Incipient on Saturday!  HUZZAH and VIVAT and WOO HOO and YIPPEE!)