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New Royal Heraldry Changes

Greetings fair subjects of Atlantia here gathered from Lord Aodhan Doilfin,
Pursuivant at Large.

Lord Evan has shared his feelings on the proposed changes to the Kingdom arms
and I, for the most part, share his feelings. However, there is one change
that I would very much like to see made to the arms which were not discussed
in the Acorn. I'd like to start a write-in campaign for this change:

>On changing the background field of the consort's arms to match the
>Yes, yes, a thousand times YES. *PLEASE* make this change. No one I have
>*ever* met could remember them correctly the first several times they
>tried. A deeper reason, however, responds to another comment:
>>In favor of keeping the female fields reversed to the male fields (which
>>was intentional, by the way):  The banners behind the throne look so good
>>as mirror images of each  other.
>At the risk of sounding like an Authenticity Geek, the above comment shows
>a startling lack of feel for MEDIEVAL concepts of symmetry. Mirror-image
>stuff is LESS symmetric than identical stuff, in period heraldic style.
>Making this change reflects good heraldic taste.

I think a better, simplier and yet distinctively Atlantian design for the
arms could be achieved by losing the vertical (per pale) line of division
altogether. The arms would then be a white field with a blue wavy fess between
two blue wavy cotises. The gold crown centered in the fess and the green laurel
wreath overall would not be affected by this change. The arms would then be
cleaner, yet they would still be very easy to identify as Atlantian. (And,
no, they would not look like Trimaris and there should be no cause for
confusion between the two.)

Lord Evan brings up an additional proposal for a Kingdom Ensign:

>Independent of the proposed changes, I would like to propose that Atlantia
>register an ENSIGN (kingdom flag) with the College of Arms. The proposed
>blazon is: Per pale argent and azure, a fess wavy cotised counterchanged.
>This is the current Kingdom arms without the crown or the laurel wreath.
>It would make a distinctively Atlantian flag, and the cotises would
>not be nearly as much clutter without the other charges so I'd keep
>them on the flag even if we remove them from the other armory.

I support having an ensign as well but I'm somewhat confused Evan. I was
under the impression that we already had an ensign registered. I believe
that the fieldless unicornate seahorse badge is registered with the
College of Arms as the ensign of Atlantia. Your proposed ensign sounds
good as well (though I'd still like to lose the per pale division and the



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