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Re: Vlad Tepes (was: Re: Religion and society)

Greetings from Tibor.

Richard du Guesclin wrote:
  ??? I was under the impression that the proper translation of Drakul was
  'devil' rather than 'dragon' and that he was called that because he was, um,
  not very nice. His son learned the tricks of the trade and added a few of his 
  own thus becoming Drakula or 'son of the devil'. Or perhaps I've
  misinterpreted your meaning. Of course, if I'm wrong, I'm sure that
  somebody will let me know.

I am not fluent in Magyarul, but my reading has shown me that Drakul refers
to the mythic dragon beast, was the name of a prominent noble order in
period, and that a member of that order would have been called a Drakula.
(Pronounced more like dra-COOL-ya).  This is all self-education off
translated works, and is NOT definitive, just indicative.

There are one or two Magyarul fluent people on the net. Send me private
email, if you would like me to drag them into it.

	Tibor (Mother was fluent, I know about 6 words.)