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Re: Royal Heraldry Changes and Where You Fit In

Master Phillip of Ghent replies to my question:

> >	Why did Mistress Kiri and Countess Anya make the Queens roses
> >	barded and seeded Or rather then barded and seeded proper?
> At the time, the Laruel King of Arms (I've forgotten who it was) discouraged
> the use of the term "proper" in blazons, prefering tincture descriptions.
> There was (and still may be) a move to supress what was termed "the
> Naturalist Heresy".  Although, they *did* pass a badge for Mistress Tannis
> of Tir-y-Don with "a peacock proper".
> Acording to Mistress Kiri's recollection, the Consort's arms should be
> "...roses barbed vert seeded Or..."
I checked my armoury/ordinary whatever, which I think dates from 1987,
it reads:

Atlantia, Queen of (Device, December 1982) Per pale azure and argent, on a
	fess wavy cotised counterchanged between three roses gules, barbed
	and seeded Or, an escallop erminois.

Of course, Laurel King-of-arms might have simplified Atlantia's 
submission by dropping the vert, but that is hardly a substantive 
improvement, one less color and one less word.

Just don't know for sure.

Leifr Johansson