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Atlantia Crown Tourney

Greetings to the patrons of the Merry Rose from Konrad der ruhige Bar,

I thought someone would have posted the results already but since I did not
see them:

The Crown Prince is Count Cuan MacDaige
The Crown Princess is Lady Bridgett of the Marshes (? I'm not sure of Her
Highness' full name).

The Crown list consisted of 19 fighters of which 3 were of the Chivalry
(Earl Dafydd, Count Cuan and Sir Tancred (sp?)).  The final round was
between Earl Dafydd and Count Cuan.


The event was very well run by Duke Anton and the Barony of Windmaster's
Hill.  In addition to the Crown Tourney, there was a rapier tourney, A & S
competitions for the best use of hearldy and for poetry and a competition
for Royal Scribner.  An excellent feast was served.

Curia was held on Sunday morning.  I did not bring my notes to work from
Curia so I can't give a detailed account.  What I can recall are the
following:  The stipend for office supplies for the King and Queen was
raised to $75 consistant with other Kingdom officers,  pay to fight will
become law, term of Barons / Baronesses will remain at 4 years maximum with
a vote of confidence after 2 years to be more consistant with other Kingdom
officers who have 2 year terms which may be extended for 2 more,  $350
stipend towards a hearld attending the Knowne World Hearaldic Symposium and
a max of $500 for the repair of Kingdom regalia.  Also discussed but no
action was taken: Changes in healdry (their Majesties have only recieved one
letter commenting on the changes and that was from Alaska) and changing the
distribution of funds from Kingdom level events.  I have probably misstated
some of the above and probably left somethings out.  So any of the patrons
who also attened Curia please feel free to correct me.